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Soya Mince Recipes

Soya Mince Recipes

Soya mince also referred to as soy mince or soy crumbles are a versatile food made out of vegetable protein. You can actually use soy mince in any recipe where ground meat is used; it makes good low fat dish suitable for vegans; they are a healthy alternative to meat. Soya mince can also be …

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How To Cure Meat At Home

Cure Meat At Home

Curing meat has been there since time immemorial and it is a way of preserving meat for a longer period of time, considering back then there were no freezers. In this article I am going to give you brief explanations on how to cure meat at home. Carefully follow all the steps in this article …

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How to Cook Rabbit Meat

Cook Rabbits

Rabbit meat is appetizing when nicely cooked. It is likened to chicken meat in terms of taste. Rabbit meat is white and it has good texture; it has a sweet gamey flavor. Rabbit can be stewed, fried, baked in pie or casseroled. Stewed Rabbit Stewing your rabbit is the best since it is lean meat …

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Mincemeat Recipes

Mincemeat Recipes

Mincemeat is one of the cheapest and easiest types of meats to cook. It doesn’t take a lot of time to cook and this makes it the best meat to cook when you are in a hurry. Below are some of the best mincemeat recipes which you can try out from the comfort of your …

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Goat Meat Recipes

goat meat recipe

Goat meat is red meat from domestic goats. Goat meat is lean, has less fat and it has a very bold flavor. The best way of preparing this meat is through low heat and slow cooking; this maintains the tenderness of goat meat. Stewed Goat Meat Ingredients 2 chopped medium onions 2 pounds cubed boneless …

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Tips for Cooking Chicken

Cooking Chicken Tips

There are guidelines one needs to follow when cooking chicken. Different tips apply for steaming, stir-frying and grilling chicken. Chicken Cooking Tips To be able to use the right measurements when cooking your chicken, keep in mind that one pound of boneless chicken equates to 3 cups of cubed chicken. An untrussed chicken cooks faster …

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Best Ways to Braai Pork

Ways to Braai Pork

Pork is the best meat to braai because it is high in fat marbling, which makes it very moist and flavorful. It is also tender and if you braai it properly it maintains its juiciness. Ingredients ¾ cup soy sauce (or half soy sauce, half Worcestershire sauce) ¼ cup fresh lemon juice 1 tablespoon brown …

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How To Cook Roadrunners

Cook Roadrunners

Roadrunners are a delicacy in many Zimbabwean households, offering a wide variety of nutrients as compared to broiler chickens. When cooking a roadrunner it’s always best to keep the recipe simple because adding a lot of spices tends to overpower the flavour of the roadrunner. Below are a few guidelines on how you can cook …

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