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Welcome to Hyper Meats, a quality meat wholesaler and retailer. At Hyper Meats, we pride ourselves on being able to serve a wide range of clients. Whether it’s valued retail customers or wholesale customers, we are your preferred meat suppliers. Hyper Meats strives to provide only meat of high quality.

Hyper Meats maintains its position as one of the leading meat wholesaler in Chitungwiza. This is thanks to our high-quality products and the support we get from our customers. As a meat wholesaler and retailer, this has helped us to strengthen our brand. More so, it allows us to better serve our customers on a day-to-day basis.

wholesale store

Hyper Meats Wholesale, Unit N, Chitungwiza

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Hyper Meats Retail, Makoni, Chitungwiza

Why Choose Us?


Diverse Range of Meat Products

We ensure you that you get the best meat products available at competitive prices. We have a diverse range of meat products like beef, chicken, pork, sausages, offals and fish!


Value For Money

Our retail and wholesale outlets offer high quality meat at affordable prices. Thus, you are guaranteed to get value for your money. All our outlets provide fresh meat. Hyper Meats commits to provide consistent quality and fresh meat always. Enjoy our great service and quality products!


We Supply Everyone

Hyper Meats currently serves a broad range of clients : butcheries, restaurants, hotels & lodges, companies, organisations and individuals.  Our focus is on customer loyalty and it is this key element that we use to build lasting relationships and partnerships with our customers. To this end, Hyper Meats management and staff are continually dedicated to maintaining consistency in products and services and improving upon these wherever possible.

Located in the heart of Chitungwiza

Situated in the heart of Chitungwiza, Hyper Meats Butchery offers you an enjoyable in-store shopping experience, with friendly and knowledgeable staff that are dedicated to serving you all the meats that you desire.

Hyper Meats

We Believe in Quality Meat

You can order online for your convenience, and we will deliver to your home for free! So why wait, place your order now!